Housed in a 1974 double decker bus, we aren't your typical coffee shop.


First, we care about you. Not just as a consumer, not just as a customer, but as a person. Our greatest joy and desire is to get to know you. You are so much more than espresso and milk, and we'd love to hear about it!

Second, we move around. That makes it tricky to track us down. So while we have typical locations and hours, it's always best to check our social media feeds for the latest schedule.

Third, you can sit on the bus! Upstairs or even downstairs next to the kitchen, the whole reason we retrofitted a double decker was to carry with us a sitting space. So enjoy! 

Finally, we're all about community. We source as much local stuff as we can get our hands on. We encourage chit chat at our bar with our staff. We love it when customers hang out for hours at a time. (We don't have wifi) AND we partner with a whole mess of downtown folks re-investing into our city.